Brian Wilson

                                                            At eleven years of age I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Throughout                                                                adolescence I was severely depressed with ideation of suicide. At the age                                                                 of 23 after seriously considering suicide for 2 seconds I started a process                                                               of spiritual exploration and developed my own brand of cognitive                                                                             therapy.

                                                             At the age of 28 I developed a mystery illness marked by severe fatigue,                                                                 muscle pain, extreme exercise intollerance and widely varying blood                                                                       sugars. I tried to get medical attention for both the illness and blood                                                                       sugar problems. No doctor would take my condition seriously. In the end the blood sugar problem turned out to be an easily diagnosed condition with an easier treatment. At the end of the three years that I had tried to get medical help my blood glucose was swinging from hypoglycemic to ~400 mg/dl and hypoglycemic again each day. The result was the loss of one eye, impairment of the other, and kidney failure.

In 1996 (age 38) I had a renal/pancreas transplant. While the organs worked flawlessly my mystery illness became much worse. By this time I could not hold down any job with the fatigue and muscle pain becoming worse with the addition of no appetite and brain fog. This condition was to last for a total of 26 years before I was able to improve it through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle. At no time did any doctor make any attempt to make a diagnosis. Doctors would not even look at me or speak to me when I asked for help and explained my symptoms.

Throughout the years I developed cryptococcal meningitis, collapsed intestines, and herpes hepatitis and had my testicles disappear. A woman ran a stop sign and I lost the function of my pancreas graft when I broadsided her. Rendering me diabetic again.

Throughout this period I meditated, did a lot of dream work, and pursued an avid interest in spirituality and self growth. I received my nutrition degree from Penn State and discovered causes to some of the side effects of immunosuppression that are unknown to medicine. 

If you think that my story is of continual struggle you have only to read about others with chronic illnesses to realize this is more common than you might think. There are millions of Americans who can tell you similar stories of dysfunctional medicine and an unending series of struggles. I feel blessed that I had the ability to find solutions to the challenges I had. There are many on Earth who have it worse and don't have the means to overcome their plight. It is my desire to help those who struggle to find a path that makes their life more manageable.

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